LPS Toys Littlest Pet Shop Review Video Sweet Drop Shop & LPS Hide & Sweet With Zoe Trent by Hasbro

Toys For Kids Worldwide presents : LPS Toys Littlest Pet Shop Review Video Sweet Drop Shop & LPS Hide & Sweet With Zoe Trent by Hasbro!

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The abbreviation LPS is short for the Littlest Pet Shop, which is a renowned children’s play toy franchise owned by Hasbro, as well as an animated TV series. It features the cutest tiny pets which have mobile parts, which can consist of anything from magnets to for example flapping wings. Also, they all have stunning huge eyes of different colors (as well as heads which wobble delightfully). There are in total, some four generations of playtoy lines which include all sorts of tiny pets, ranging from ducklings to puppies and even a bear and a falcon (as well as a whale!). In fact, LPS has over 3,000 different pet figures.

This particular interesting pet set features a very special little dog called Zoe Trent, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with beautiful blue eyes and a pink and white body, as well as amazing purple ears. She has a singing talent, and loves to be the focus of attention of all those she meets. She is a true diva and a drama queen, but with a huge and kind heart. The other pet included in this set is a white and pink Dalmatian dog (with one black and one white ear, as well as pink spots on its body). The set is called the Sweet Drop Shop, which consists of two larger pets and lots of little ones included in the set. Also, this set is called Hide and Sweet, and it has stickers, as well as an instruction booklet to give kids ideas about creating their own stories and situation. There is also a very sweet little ladybird with beautiful green eyes and antlers. In addition, there is an ice cream cone as well as a Chihuahua figure which can be hidden inside the ice cream cone. What’s more, there is a pink and purple sweets stand which is used for storing the candy that is included in the set. There are also tiny sweet baby butterflies with baby faces as well as some little extras, such as a blue bag with a cute face on it, as well as a blue jar which serves for the butterfly to sit on, and two lollipops, one green and one pink. And, we have a bone with a pink bow, which is the cutest thing ever!

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