Sesame Street’s Elmo Joins the BriteBrush Lineup • The Toy Book

Sesame Street Elmo Toothbrush | Source: BriteBrush/The Toy Book

BriteBrush — recently acquired from WowWee by PlayMonster — is launching an Elmo version of its interactive toothbrush. BriteBrush uses music and games to coach kids to brush their teeth correctly by turning it into a fun activity. Elmo’s voice will guide them along, encouraging them to brush longer with the help of silly sounds and songs, such as “Brushy Brush” from Sesame Street to keep kids on track while they brush.

BriteBrush uses no apps or mobile devices. It teaches kids to brush using dentist-recommended methods, smart brushing sensors, side change recognition, and even a parent check light that adults can use to confirm if their kids brushed correctly. After brushing, the toothbrush provides feedback and can even give out star rewards for a job well done.

Through the use of silly sounds, music, games, and more, Elmo really encourages kids to build healthy habits and love the process of brushing their teeth. The new toothbrush includes two soft brush heads that will be gentle on kids’ teeth and gums. The Elmo BriteBrush is available now at Amazon and Walmart.

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