Oxnard Orange Superkranky by Sket-One x Superplastic

Sket-One continues his deep dive into classic Krylon colors with the new Oxnard Orange SuperKranky vinyl art toy from Superplastic. Named after a lovely city in SoCal, Oxnard Orange is the second release in the new ‘Kali Kolors’ subseries. Inspired by the spray paint line of the same name, the series features the color wave from the vintage cans and a vivid ‘Sket’ tag on the back of the head. As with all Superkranky figures, the new edition has a removable spray cap and that classic, coveted can rattle.

An edition of 1111, the Oxnard Orange SuperKranky vinyl art toy is available for pre-order for $90 from Superplastic.

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