Dumpster Fire Plushie by 100% Soft

Dumpster Fire, the humorous toy that took on a new relevance in 2020, is going soft in 2021. That’s right, get ready for the Dumpster Fire Plushie from 100% Soft. It’s the sarcastically cute character that we all know, just a bit more comforting with fuzzy fabric. The translation from hard plastic to plush is well-done especially in terms of the flames which have a loose, wispy construction to mimic a flickering fire.

And… the new plush has one thing up on its plastic brother: a ‘secret’ stash compartment. Just lift the little gray dumpster lid and deposit whatever you’d like.

The Dumpster Fire Plushie (6″) art toy is available for preorder at select retailers including Tenacious Toys for $25. It should become available for shipping in July-August 2021.

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