Apple Knife + Sprayed Debut Editions from Emergency Toys

The wait is over. Ever since Bertrand Charlot started to unveil his art toy prototypes roughly two years ago under the Emergency Toys banner (April 2019), we’ve been looking forward to their eventual release. In between then and now the brand has shown a seemingly endless parade of prototypes spanning genres and styles. With each new reveal, the question of ‘when?’ became more and more pressing.

Thankfully Emergency Toys has taken the next step in their journey with the release of their first two vinyl art toys: ‘Apple Knife: The Vegan Vampire and Sprayed. The cute and slightly creepy ‘Apple Knife’ features a dapper vampire biting into a luscious … apple 🙂 while sitting on the other half of the fruit. As a playful twist, the knife in the side of the apple is removable.The debut colorway features slightly subdued colors with the fruit sucker in a blue shirt, a dark cape and pants. Rather than an super bright, deep red version, the apple features a red-yellow gradient paint application for a more realistic appearance.

Showcasing the variety of their toy line, Emergency Toys offers a different vibe with ‘Sprayed’. While graffiti toys are very much back in style, Sprayed takes a lighthearted look at the world of spray cans and street murals. The figure features a beginning artist who’s managed to spray himself with two cans of paint. Perhaps a comment on the artist’s presumed lack of street art experience, the curious figure stands apart from the wave of figures celebrating the medium. For the debut colorway, the hapless wanna-be artist hits the street in a purple shirt with yellow shirts with blue and black spray cans.

In addition to the standard production version, Emergency Toys is also offering a hand-embellished version of ‘Sprayed’. Officially released as the Augmented Version, the figure features extra hand-sprayed detail throughout including on the shirt (black texture), shorts, and on the face.

The ‘Apple Knife: The Vegan Vampire’ (6.7″) and ‘Sprayed’ (6.5″) vinyl art toys are available now from Emergency Toys for €60 ($70.78). The Sprayed Augmented Version is available for €90 ($106).

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