Phase One Canbot by Sket-One x Czee13 x Clutter

Sket-One’s signature Phase One style has made quite the splash on murals, prints and of course, numerous toys from QUICCS‘ TEQ63 to his very own Ting. Now, Sket’s playful blend of alternating stripes, drips and dot patterns in rainbow hues comes to the cute Canbot graffiti art toy from Czee13 x Clutter.

Each Phase One figure stands on its own, with a different mix of the Phase One vibe. The Phase One Canbot might be the most joyous yet, with a wide, retro smile and a fairly uniform, stripe-centric design complemented by large amounts of yellow paint drip. Sharp-eyed collectors will note that this is the first Canbot with a resculpted head featuring a uniformly smooth face/head versus the original Canbot sculpt which features sculpted-in eye cutouts.

An edition of 200, the Phase One Canbot vinyl art toy (5.5″) drops on Friday (3.26) at 9 AM PDT from Clutter for $95. As with all Canbots, the toy features the coveted can rattle sound.

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