Super Crash Bro Black & Red

Josh Divine’s wayward platform hero returns with the new Super Crash Bro Black & Red edition vinyl art toy from Strangecat Toys. Even the most iconic plumber has his off days where ‘easy’ jumps spiral into epic fails. The latest edition of Divine’s down-to-earth take on the classic video game features the fallible character in black overalls and hat with a red shirt and white gloves. The figure is designed for display in two poses — face down and on it’s stomach to reveal his skull face.

An edition of just 75, the Super Crash Bro Black & Red vinyl art toy (9.5″) will launch on Saturday (3.27) at 11 AM PDT from Strangecat Toys for $125. Super Crash Bro is the second figure in Divine’s Crash series following the popular Astro Crash.

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