3DRetro Exclusive Forlon Unicorn by Ron English

3DRetro will release two editions of the brand-new Forlorn Unicron vinyl art toy by Ron English. First up is the 3DRetro Exclusive RainBow Edition featuring an orange, yellow, green + pink gradient-style design of the down on her luck Delusionville inhabitant. In addition to their exclusive, 3Dretro will have the OG Blue edition which features pink details.

An edition of 100, the 3DRetro Exclusive Forlorn Unicron RainBow edition vinyl art toy (6.5″) will be available for $75 via 3DRetro’s Popshop Live stream on Tuesday (3.23) beginning at 1 PM PDT. The OG Blue edition will also be available on the stream for $65.

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