Gashadokuro Plush Guts 8″ Dunny – Midnight Edition by Kidrobot

The ‘starving skeleton’ returns with the Midnight Edition of the Gashadokuro Plush Guts 8″ Dunny vinyl art toy from Kidrobot. The Midnight Edition pair a blue + orange plush skeleton with a clear outer shell for a striking impression. The name and inspiration for the figure is drawn from Japanese folktales which suggested that those that starved or died in battle without proper rites came back to earth as spirits called Gashadokuro (starving skeletons).

The new edition follows the White Edition and KR Exclusive Black Edition which dropped back in August. Unlike the two previous editions, the Midnight Edition does not glow in the dark.

The Gashadokuro Plush Guts 8″ Dunny – Midnight Edition vinyl art toy is available for pre-order from Kidrobot for $49.99. The newest plush + vinyl marvel is slated to ship in Q3 2021.

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