Bloomdoom Rampicantæ by Codec Zombie

Italian artist Codec Zombie (Alessandro Randi) begins a new botanically inspired series with the new Bloomdoom Rampicantæ release featuring four plant + person magnetic resin heads. This first Bloomdoom species is inspired by the Italian ‘climbing plant’: Rampicantæ.

The four head sculpts seem to offer a progression from mostly human to mostly plant. Each features Codec Zombie’s strong sculpting skills blending the soft contours of the human face with the harder lines of the plant texture. Rampicantæ is available in three marbled editions Purpuræ (purple), Viridæ (green) and Cæruleum (light blue).

The Bloomdoom Rampicantæ resin art toy sets are available from Codec Zombie for €75.00 ($90). With embedded magnets the pieces make the perfect artful fridge magnets.

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