Instinctoy March Lottery: Zombie Anatomical Muckey, Sunset Monster Fluffy & Big Thunder Liquid (x2)

Instinctoy’s March Lottery featuring four figures is arguably headlined by the new Anatomical Muckey ‘Zombie’ GID vinyl art toy (9.84″, ¥33,000/$303) from Jason Freeny x Instinctoy. The latest edition of Freeny’s dissected take on Instinctoy’s ever-popular Muckey features a light blue Muckey with visceral anatomy realized in bloody detail from bright red organs and blood smeared pale white bones. And yes, it glows a brilliant zombified green. Outstanding.

Beyond the new Muckey, the March lottery also features two Big Thunder Liquid figures including the Green Clear edition (4.92″, ¥5,000/$45.86) previously released at TTF 2020 and the brand-new Black Clear (4.92″, ¥5,500/$51). Big Thunder Liquid is based on the Liquid symbiote which debuted with Instinctoy’s first INC figure.

This month’s lottery also includes a limited quantity of the Monster Fluffy & Mini Monster Fluffy ‘Sunrise Clear’ set (5.43 & 2.56″, ¥17,600/$161) which was released as a pre-order as part of Paradise’s 15th Anniversary Celebration.

All four of the figures are available via lottery from Instinctoy’s international and Japan-only online stores through Sunday (3.14) at 7:59 AM PST.

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