DKECON 2021: ‘False Idols’ Mini Art Show by ADi

With the pandemic shutting down in-person conventions for most of 2020, DKE Toys put on three virtual DKECON shows in lieu of SDCC, NYCC, and DesignerCon. Now the next step, DKECON 2021 (3.19 – 3.21), a standalone virtual show in now tried and true format featuring three days of live streaming from the DKE Toys booth set up at their headquarters and exclusive releases through their online store. TLDR: DKECON is back as a show in its own right.

Speaking of shows, the DKECON 2021 reveals begin with the announcement of the False Idols mini art show by Adi. The show features more than 24 of the artist’s minimalist takes on popular characters realized as blocky wood art toys. The show features a diverse selection of characters including Kaonashi (2 pcs/13, $250), Papa Smurf (Edition of 1, $350), Generic Smurf (Edition of 1, $350), Bossk (Ed. of 1, $300), Ninjas: Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael (Eds. of 1, $300), Angry Homer (2 of 10 pcs, $250) and Fred and Barney (Eds. of 1, Fred:$300, Barney: $350), Big Yella (Edition of 1, $400), Skeletor (Edition of 1, $350), Orko (Edition of 1, $250) Fearless Fly (1 pc/3, $250), Doraemon (Edition of 1, $250), Boba Fett (Edition of 1, $300), Red Imperial #2 (Edition of 1, $300), Scooby Doo (Edition of 1, $350), Thunderbird2 (Edition of 1, $400), The Wizard (Edition of 1, $250), Cat With Hat (Edition of 1, $250).

DKECON 2021 begins on Friday, March 19, 2021 with continuous Zoom streaming on Friday from 12-8PM PST and the weekend (Sat-Sun: 10AM -7PM PST). The online store will be available throughout the three day virtual event. For full details please see the DKECON 2021 information page.

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