Toy Review: Plan Toys Wooden Toy Pull Along Duck

The Plan Toys Pull Along Duck wooden toy is mostly made of solid reclaimed rubber tree. Its wings are PlanWood (reclaimed wood fibres) and its feet are rubber.
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Its axle is off-centre so the the wooden toy’s bottom moves from side-to-side and waddles. The wheels have rubber inserts that grip on tiled floors and wooden floors. And on each wheel, there’s a rubber ducks foot. The duck’s wings move too.

This duck has an elastic neck so its head can be twisted a bit.
This Plan Toys Duck is a good wooden toy for…

• Coordination development
• Gross motor skills development
• Imagination development
• Language development

Like all Plan Toys, the Plan Toys Pull Along Duck wooden toy is an eco toy made from reclaimed rubber trees. It is non-toxic and safe for your baby. This is an important feature because most babies tend to put everything in their mouth!

This is a suitable wooden toy for 1 year old +


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