Chinatown Market Smiley Mona Lisa by Mighty Jaxx

Apparel brand Chinatown Market has collaborated with Smiley and Mighty Jaxx to definitively answer the ‘Is she smiling’ question with the new Smiley Money Lisa bust/half-figure vinyl art toy. A light-hearted take on the iconic Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece, the figure features a relaxed Mona Lisa with the classic Smiley face and a ‘Chinatown’ dress. The square base is emblazoned with ‘Chinatown Market’ in stylized, mixed-size text.

As part of the collaborative approach, two editions of the Chinatown Market Smiley Mona Lisa were produced. The Mighty Jaxx exclusive features the classic yellow Smiley and an olive dress. The quickly sold-out Chinatown Market edition has a black+gold design with a gold Smiley and black dress.

The Mighty Jaxx Exclusive Chinatown Market Smiley Mona Lisa vinyl art toy (10″) will be available as a 24-hr timed pre-order on Saturday (3.6) at 6 AM PST from Mighty Jaxx for $189 (worldwide shipping included. The figure is slated to ship in August 2021.

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