Toys R Us Babies R Us Out of Business Sale. Only 10% 4/7/2018. Not 30%

Disclaimer: Boring Video.

I made this video because I visited both Toys R Us and Babies R Us at the end of March. Both stores are going out of business and there are BIG signs that say up to 30% off. Really though, the sale is just 10% off MSRP value.

1) Use all gift cards by 4/20/2018. Otherwise they may not accept gift cards after that date.

2) We really don’t know when stores are closing. I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time going to a Toys R Us store or Babies R Us, since their prices are not too competitive even with the 10% of MSRP sale.

3) They will NOT price match.

4) At toys r us, they have an inventory of about 30-40% of their store. They are replenishing what they sell from their inventory warehouses. Even on 4/7/2018, the majority of toys are still just 10% off.

Sadly, I did enjoy going to toys r us to try out toys (because they have so many), but their prices were always just average. It’ll be interesting to see what our kids can buy for toys now that the only toy stores left are target, walmart, and…. and… I that’s pretty much it. sigh….


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