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Time to get radical with the new LilFat resin art toy by Vinyl Intelligence (Björn Humbe). Shredding runs in the family from big brother Fatboy‘s BMX skills to LilFat’s skate game. Don’t be deceived by his innocent looks, lil’ bro is in fact the family ‘thug’.

LilFat hits the sweet spot by combining the laid-back, stylized character with a realistic board featuring detailed trucks, wheels and skate brand graphics. The new figure is the latest addition to Vinyl Intelligence’s extreme sport series following Fat Boy and the Pixie longboard figure. Each figure is handcrafted by the artist in his studio.

The LilFat resin art toy (8.5″) will be available on Friday (12.26) at 9 AM PST from the artist’s web shop for €300 ($364).

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