Instinctoy Lottery: King Korpse Prismatic Artery & Kiwi Fantasia

Instinctoy’s February Lottery features two rainbow-hued art toys with very different personalities. First up is the King Korpse ‘Prismatic Artery’ Edition art toy from James Groman. Previously available at various conventions and most recently from NTWRK’s ‘Unboxed’ festival, the Prismatic Artery edition features a striking visual effect in which metallic paint highlights the detailed textures of a clear-cast version of the ferocious gorilla figure. The removable Liquid Heart,which sits behind the figure’s ribs, is cast in clear vinyl and finished with bright pearl red interior paint.

Switching gears from crushing to curious, Instinctoy is also offering the Kiwi ‘Fantasia’ Edition art toy produced for BBT’s (Big Boy Toys) 2020 event in Shanghai, China. Inspired by the event’s New Zealand origins, Instinctoy designed a whimsical version of the nation’s Kiwi bird. Kiwi features a pastel rainbow design with Instinctoy’s Erosion Fluffy character embedded in the bird’s rear end. The figure’s three sets of magnetic eyes allow for a range of emotions from sad to angry. Finally, Kiwi includes the smaller Wiki figure which more closely resembles the real bird.

The King Korpse Prismatic Artery Edition (12.8″, ¥66,000/$626) and Kiwi ‘Fantasia’ Edition (9.84″ + 1.57″, ¥37,400/$355) art toys are available via lottery from Instinctoy’s International and Japan-only sites until Sunday (2.28) at 6:59 AM PST.

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