Thinker-Tinker Launches Trolls Music Stars on Kickstarter • The Toy Book

Trolls Music Stars App | Source: Thinker Tinker/DreamWorks Animation

Thinker-Tinker is launching Trolls Music Stars, a new line of collectible plush charms that interact with their own companion mobile app. Poppy, Branch, and more characters from the DreamWorks Animation franchise will be available at launch.

Kids can connect their plush Trolls to the Music Stars app to unlock the characters in digital form. Kids can remix popular songs from the movies and unlock additional characters, avatar options, special items, and music clips. Kids can even create their own Troll.

Trolls Music Stars | Source: Thinker Tinker/DreamWorks Animation

To get started, kids scan each Trolls plush’s unique headphone marker to collect the character within the app. Collecting more plush will unlock access to additional in-game characters and exclusive music tracks. Dance battle challenges will pit the plush charm against other characters from the franchise in a battle to become the Trolls Music Stars master.

The plush charms will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter, Feb. 23.

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