M9E63 Flowmaster by QUICCS x Daytoner x Pure Arts

Clad in blue and white, the M9E63 Flowmaster brings QUICCS‘ TEQ63 aesthetic to the Master 9 Eyes vinyl art toy from Daytoner x PureArts. The newest addition to the M9E Artist Series is based on the hand-painted custom created by QUICCS for the project.

The final production figure follows the custom fairly closely with the three-stripes inspired design and deco making a smooth transition. The most notable difference is that the production version does not have the custom’s black fill details on the swords, hands, and feet.

The M9E63 Flowmaster vinyl art toy (6″) will launch on Thursday (2.18) at 10 AM PST from PureArts for $105. The figure is slated to ship in June 2021.

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