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Custom What Do You Meme? cards | Source: What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme?, the company behind the popular adult party game of the same name, launched a new platform this month that consumers can use to add a personal touch to the game: personalized cards.

In What Do You Meme?, players each provide a meme-formatted caption — via a hand of cards — to the same, random photo. Each round, a judge chooses their favorite caption, and the player who submitted that caption wins the round.

With the new, customizable card decks, fans can create their own captions and submit their own photos, making for a great gift or a sneaky way to share big news with loved ones. Players can shuffle their custom cards into their existing What Do You Meme? game, just like they would with the existing expansion packs.

The company launched a web platform, whatdoyoumemecustom.com, which consumers can use to create their custom cards. Generally, anything is allowed on the cards but there are a few rules to follow, including no inappropriate words, no hate speech, no offensive/explicit content, and no copyrighted images.

A deck of custom cards costs $19.99 and includes up to 15 cards, which can include all photo cards, all caption cards, or any combination of the two. If players want even more cards for their deck, they can add packages of 10 more cards to their order for $9.99 each.

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