Humpek Mini Debuts in Blue from Whatshisname

UK artist Whatshisname continues his line of popular mini balloon dogs with the debut of the Humpek Mini resin art toy in Blue. After a lengthy development process, the passionate Humpek is ready to go in a desk-friendly size (5.71″). As with many things, the smaller scale seems to add to the cute factor.

Created from multiple resin parts, the Humpek Mini posed a technical tradeoff between high quality paint application and visually seamless appearance. In the end the artist chose to go with the small visible gaps between the parts of the figure. From an art toy perspective, the gaps don’t distract from the advantages of the smaller size.

An edition of 150, the Humpek Mini (Blue) resin art toy (5.71″) will be available on Friday (2.19) at 7 AM PST from the artist’s Soho Art web store. Subscribers to the artist’s newsletter will be able to purchase the figure a day ahead of time.

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