NTWRK Exclusive Sweet Conflict Ep1 / Ep2 by Fools Paradise

As part of its ‘Unboxed’ Designer Toy Festival (2.13 – 2.14), NTWRK will release its Exclusive versions of the Sweet Conflict Ep1 / Ep2 vinyl art toys by Fools Paradise. The new editions feature colorways that adhere pretty closely to the source characters regular colors. The exclusive Ep1 features the cake throwing Smurf in red and dark blue while Ep2 counters with a companion mouse in the classic red, white and black.

Fools Paradise typically mixes and mashes multiple pop culture franchise into a wild new whole. Sweet Conflict adds art to the mix for the first time, blending iconic street art imagery with the wildly popular cartoon characters. The figures recognize that Banksy and KAWS’ creations have become part of our popular culture.

The NTWRK Exclusive Sweet Conflict Ep1 / Ep2 vinyl art toys (~11.81″) will be available as preorders $299 each on Sunday (2.14) at 3:30 PM exclusively from the ‘Unboxed’ Designer Toy Festival on the NTWRK app. The figures are slated to ship in 6-8 week.s

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