Glassjaw by Ron English x Clutter for ‘Unboxed’ Festival

The new Glassjaw resin art toy by Ron English x Clutter packs quite a punch, standing 11″ tall and weighing in at 8 pounds. Glassjaw features a clear boxing glove which reveals the numerous folds and details of the realistic GID brain sculpture within. The brain glows a brilliant green in the dark. The new sculpture is the latest round in the artist’s fighting brain collection following the previous Boxing Brain editions (ToyQube).

An edition of ten, the Glassjaw resin art toy sculpture (11″) will be released as part of the ‘Unboxed’ designer toy festival on Saturday (2.13) at 11:30 AM PST on the NTWRK app for $1750 each. Handcrafted in NY at Clutter Studios, Glassjaw comes in a wood box with a certificate of authenticity signed by Ron English.

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