Master 9 Eyes ‘Ghost Eyes’ by Daytoner x Purearts

Celebrating the one year anniversary of his Master 9 Eyes figure, Daytoner has created the new Ghost Eyes edition of the 1:12 vinyl art toy from Purearts. Cloaked mostly in black, the new stylish, stealthy edition features white accents and lettering. The new edition features Daytoner’s name in Japanese (katakana) across the back of the jacket.

While similar to last year’s Dark Star edition, Ghost Eyes has bright white accents/details versus the former’s subtle gray. On to the robotic swordsman’s blades, Ghost Eyes wields jet black katanas while Dark Star carries gray ones.

Limited to a one calendar year release schedule, the Master 9 Eyes ‘Ghost Eyes’ vinyl art toy is available for pre-order from Purearts for $90. Ghost Eyes is slated to ship in Q2 2021 and will be ‘retired’ in February 2022.

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