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‘LEGO Vidiyo’ Beach Paradise | Source: The LEGO Group

Kids can direct and produce one-of-a-kind videos in a safe social environment thanks to LEGO Vidiyo.

Universal Music Group (UMG) and the LEGO Group are partnering to create a new platform that encourages kids ages 7-10 to explore music in a way they can really make it their own. Kids can use the app to create fun music videos by combining LEGO minifigures with music tracks and augmented reality (AR) features.

‘LEGO Vidiyo’ BeatBits Assortment | Source: The LEGO Group

Users can create their own minifgure band, set a stage, and select a music track from a wide variety of chart-toppers and established artists. They can then personalize the videos further by unlocking various editing options with a special effect called “BeatBits,” which are decorated LEGO squares. Then add various digital and audio effects, such as confetti showers, X-ray vision, and character moves, like breakdancing.

The videos will last up to 60 seconds, but kids can also trim them down to smaller clips for sharing, which they can upload to the app feed. LEGO Vidiyo will have parental consent features, as well as external moderation of all content that is uploaded. Videos featuring personally-identifiable information will not be approved for the app feed, but can still be stored locally and enjoyed with friends in-person.

‘LEGO Vidiyo’ Minifigure and BeatBits | Source: The LEGO Group

Kids can style their minifigure band members, name them, and use them in the creation of album covers. They can also use AR technology to scale them up to giant proportions or keep them tiny. The app will also offer new music, challenges, and inspirational content on a regular basis.

New LEGO sets and lifestyle products based on LEGO Vidiyo will launch on March 1.

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