Frida Kahlo x Kidrobot Dunnys

Kidrobot continues to celebrate the work of renowned Mexican artist Frida Kahlo with two new Dunny releases—the Frida Kahlo 2 Fridas Masterpiece 8″ Dunny and the Frida Khalo 5″ Dunny. The new releases follow Kidrobot’s previously-released Frida Kahlo Te Amo Masterpiece 8″ Dunny.

The 8″ Dunny adapts Kahlo’s self portrait, Las dos Fridas, to the Dunny canvas. Created in the wake of her divorce, the striking painting pairs a traditional Kahlo with a modern Kahlo. A large artery extends from the self-injured heart from her traditional self to the intact heart of her modern self, thereby connecting the two halves of her identity. The Dunny design extends the artery concept as a framing of sorts to blend the painting into the Dunny’s shape. An edition of 500, the Frida Kahlo 2 Fridas 8″ Masterpiece Dunny is available from Kidrobot for $150.

The Frida Kahlo 5″ Dunny is inspired by another self portrait of the artist. The closed-eye figure portrays an elegantly-dressed Kahlo with floral headress, golden earrings, and bead necklace. The figure includes a paintbrush with the red paint that runs through her black hair. An edition of 600 pieces, the Frida Kahlo 5″ Dunny is available from Kidrobot for $65.

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