Melting DOB by Takashi Murakami x Kaikai Kiki

As part of its pop-up at BELOWGROUND in Hong Kong, Perrotin Store is offering the new Melting DOB vinyl art toy by Takashi Murakami x Kaikai Kiki via raffle. The new Melting DOB features an energetic two-faced design in the artist’s recurring blue, red and white color scheme.

One of Melting DOB’s faces features an open, jagged and toothy smile with four eyes in varying sizes. The colorful pupil treatment includes the artist’s spot highlight and concentric circle designs. Rotated at 90 degrees, the second DOB face features three main eyes with a wide, teeth-together smile. The deluxe figure rests on a circular metal disc base engraved with a DOB face pattern.

An edition of 300, the Melting DOB vinyl art toy—made in Japan—is available from Perrotin Store for HK$16,800 ($2,167) via online raffle ending on Wednesday (1.27) at 1 AM PST. Please review the detailed information on the entry form prior to entering the raffle.

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