Asura Rat Fink Neon Orange by Magical Mosh Misfits x BlackBook Toy

BlackBook Toy continues its collaboration with Magical Mosh Misfits (MxMxM) on a new edition of the Asura Rat Fink sofubi art toy. The Neon Orange edition is based on Mooneye’s classic Rat Fink lighter holder. In addition to the vibrant Neon Orange base vinyl the new edition has a light blue shirt with pink lettering. The wild Asura Rat Fink sculpt features bulging eyes, four arms and an articulated tail.

As they often do, BlackBook Toy has included bonus items. First, this release includes an unpainted mini Rat Fink Omake. Instead of normal packaging, the new edition comes with an Asura Rat Fink nylon knapsack — very cool.

The Asura Rat Fink Neon Orange sofubi art toy (7.87″) will be available from BlackBook Toy for ¥16,500 ($159) via email lottery starting on Thursday (1.28) at 7am PST and ending on Sunday (1.31) at 6:59 AM PST. To enter send an email to with a subject of ‘Asura Rat Fink lottery application’ and include 1. Full Name, 2. Mailing Address, 3. Telephone, 4. Paypal Email Address, 5. Product Name (only one), 6. Instagram/FB/Twitter as backup contact.

In addition to the Neon Orange Edition, BlackBook Toy also has four pieces of the previous Vintage Gray (and Red) edition due to cancelled orders. This is available via the lottery as well.

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