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Bad boy photographer TenGuSan’s debut vinyl art toy from his UnDeR20 brand features himself in a red jumpsuit with a Japanese Tengu mask and bermuda bucket hat. Part of his alternate, anonymous identity the phallic mask is a fitting symbol of his raunchy aesthetic. The photographer’s jumpsuit features the symbol for sky/heaven (天)—perhaps ironically—on the front, and a clapback to haters on the back.

The TenGuSan figure was recently released and quickly sold out available stock through several Chinese channels. For collectors outside of China, LTNC Toys is set to release the last remaining figures on Monday.

Fourteen pieces of the TenGuSan vinyl art toy (Edition of 1000, 9.84″) will be available on Monday (1.25) at 7 AM PST from LTNC Toys for $269. The figure comes in a flamboyant bright red floral box.

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