Blessbot Red Jade GID by Czee13 x Clutter

Continuing his Canbot figure family, Czee13 has just debuted his new Blessbot soft vinyl art toy from Clutter. Featuring a brand-new sculpt, Blessbot is on the path to enlightenment as he meditates silently, prayer beads at his side.

Blessbot debuts with the Red Jade GID edition with a marbled blend of Red and GID vinyl. The process makes each Blessbot a unique piece ready for display with the lights on or off. And yes, the Blessbot features the iconic can rattle feature.

An edition of 100, the Blessbot Red Jade GID soft vinyl art toy (5.5″) is ready to ship from Clutter for $100 each. With the same height and rattle feature, Blessbot is a seamless addition to a Canbot collection.

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