Waterline Toys Introduces SkimBe Four Season Disc Toys • The Toy Book

Making a splash with SkimBe | Source: Waterline Toys

As winter sets in and warmer weather looms, Waterline Toys is introducing a new toy that can be used outdoors in all four seasons.

SkimBe is a patented polyurethane disc that skims, skips, slides, and jumps across water, snow, ice, and other slick surfaces when thrown in a cross-body motion or with a flick of the wrist. SkimBe features a rocker bottom and comes in three color options.

SkimBe in the pool | Source: Waterline Toys

Families can use SkimBe in manners similar to throwing a flying disc or skipping rocks in the yard, the pool, the lake, and beyond.

Additionally, Waterline Toys is offering a Skim the Pin set that includes two SkimBe discs and a floating target to play Closest to the Pin. Additional sets, including Shuffle Board SkimBe and Target SkimBe, are slated for release later this year.

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