Dega’s Dead by Rios Toy Designs x QUICCS

The FU-Stamps and Bulletpunk universes are set to collide as Rios Toy Designs’ Bodega Blade and QUICCS‘ TEQ63 go head to head. First up for this gritty crossover is the Dega’s Dead resin art toy. After defeating Bodega Blade, TEQ63 infues the fallen warrior’s body with his technology creating a fierce blend of man and machine—the DegaTEQ.

As one might expect, the design skillfully blends the two characters together, with Blade’s outfit + gear infused with TEQ63’s signature black, three-striped style. TEQ wise, the DegaTEQ’s helmet features a stylized set of horns, resembling folding knives. The TEQ transfer also replaces Blade’s hands with robotic ones.

The Dega’s Dead resin art toy (7″) will be released on Friday (1.22) with product in stock rather than a preorder. Release details to follow.

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