Otakid DD Editions by Sank Toys

Sank Toys’ Otakid returns in two new ‘DD’ resin art toy editions. The DD Super OTK and DD Mouse figures feature playful, toony versions of Otakid. DD Super OTK features the classic computer head design in a pink, yellow and blue design with video game-inspired deco. The DD Mouse is Sank’s take on the world’s most famous mouse, morphing one of the classic ears into a heart. Each figure features suspenders, crop top, white boots, and a bushy tail.

Editions of 99, the Otakid DD Super OTK and Otakid DD Mouse vinyl art toys (4.72″) will be available for pre-order on Sunday (1.17) at 6:30 AM PST from select retailers including myplasticheart and Spastic Collectibles.

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