PlayMonster’s Snap Ships Expands with New Drone Sets • The Toy Book

Source: PlayMonster/The Toy Book

The battle between the Forge and the Komplex rages on with the addition of six new Snap Ships Fusion Build Drone sets from PlayMonster.

Launched last year, the “Build to Battle” construction line is a collectible, modular building system backed by digital content and storytelling.

Each of the six sets is a unique build on its own that can be combined to create a Fusion Build. Kids can collect the RL-55 Assault Drone, DA-63 Turbine Drone, and BP-48 Biped Mech
to create the MD-SWITCH 1 Fusion Build, and collect K-Crawler Suppression Mech, K-Swarm Strike Drone, and K-Dive Ambush Drone to create the K-Form Fusion Build. All pieces are mix-and-match and can be combined with other Snap Ships for custom builds.

Snap Ships posits a future in which the world is under constant attack from an alien species known as The Komplex. Fighting the battle is The Forge, an elite team that pilots a fleet of versatile and specialized Snap Ships defense attack crafts. During their continuing conflict, The Forge discovers UJU tech, a mysterious creation left behind by an ancient civilization. When added to their Snap Ships, each craft is upgraded with incredible new powers and abilities.

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