Lowfool // Throne Pre-Order from Fools Paradise

Fools Paradise has just released the Lowfool // Throne vinyl art toy for pre-order. The brand’s newest pop culture homage features their signature character as the mighty Voltron. Throne brings together the iconic five lions with the square-jawed Lowfool as the pivotal black lion. Rather than a pristine, gleaming version of the mighty defender, the Fools’ version is battle-tested with moderate distressing throughout.

Throne features the bulky profile we’ve come to expect from a Lowfool figure. In fact, at 22.05″ Throne is the same height as many of the brand’s ‘XL’ figures, though it doesn’t officially carry that label.

An edition limited to no more than 398, the Lowfool // Throne vinyl art toy (22.05″) is available for pre-order from Fools Paradise for $498 (global shipping included). Throne is set to ship in Q4 2021.

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