JP Toys 10th Anniversary Kwaii by JPX x Coarse

As part of its series of toy releases to celebrate its 10th Anniversary, JP Toys is set to release a new Kwaii vinyl art toy from JPX x Coarse. The new 3.5″ edition features a yellow/light pink design of the water buffalo-inspired figure with light blue birds gathered on its horns. This drop includes a special chase edition with dark purple birds. The release also coincides with the 5th Anniversary of JPX, JP Toys’ sister brand specializing in art toy production.

An edition of 333, the JP Toys 10th Anniversary Kwaii vinyl art toy (3.5″) will be available on a first come, first serve basis on Friday (1.15) at 8 PM PST for 1200 THB ($40) via online form on the JP Toys Facebook page.

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