New Super7 Sofubi : Kandy Kaiju, Wing Kong, Vampire Rose

Super7 refreshes its roots with Friday’s release of five new sofubi art toys. The made-in-Japan quintet includes three Kandy Kaiju minis, a Pocket Vampire Rose mini and a full-size Wing Kong. Starting with the sweet stuff, the Kandy Kaiju release includes ‘Red’ editions of Foster, Milton and Pie Guy ($25 each). The blood-thirsty and prickly beastie returns with the Pocket Rose Vampire – Luscious Lavender Edition (3″, $35). The new edition combines beautiful lavender vinyl with blue, red, silver and white sprays. Finally, S7’s Wing Kong Red Jade Edition (9″, $125) brings the double-pour goodness with an translucent red outer layer with an opaque dark red inner layer. The red on red is finished off with a dark red paint rub.

The five new Super7 Sofubi releases are available from Super7’s web shop.

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