Indo Drip TEQ63 by Mr. Kumkum x QUICCS x Martian Toys

Indonesian artist Mr. Kumkum brings his striking signature style to the TEQ63 vinyl art toy from QUICCS x Martian Toys with the upcoming Indo Drip edition. The new edition features the artist’s gold on black skeletal motif, extending from the horns and skull down through the torso, legs and feet.

From these initial teaser photos, it appears that the figure simplifies the artist’s style somewhat, likely due to production limits. In particular, the skull design features solid gold areas set against the black background rather than carrying over Mr. Kumkum’s intricate negative space ‘texture’ that he weaves into his hand-done pieces. That said, we’re excited to see Mr. Kumkum bringing his visceral talent to the extremely popular TEQ63.

The Indo Drip TEQ63 vinyl art toy is set for next week’s upcoming TEQ Tuesday (1.12) drop at 9 AM PST from Martian Toys.

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