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Beijing, China
1. Close-up of entrance to Xin Zhong Guo Kids stuff shopping mall, tilt down to people outside
2. Various of people searching for toys
3. Man and son looking at shelves
4. SOUNDBITE (Mandarin) Voxpop, Customer, No name given:
“I heard something about the toy problem in America. It seemed to be about the lead contained in the toy materials. Is that right?”
5. Boy playing with toys
6. SOUNDBITE (Mandarin) Voxpop, Customer, No name given:
“Generally, I think the overall toy quality is reliable, especially in big shopping malls. Usually the product quality is OK. Major cities such as Beijing should have good quality goods.”
7. Wide of toys on shelves
8. Close-up of toys in boxes
9. Various of children playing with toy dogs
10. Close-up of toy label reading: (English) “Made in China”
Manila, Philippines
11. Various of boxes containing Polly Pocket toys
12. Close-up of “Sarge” car toy
13. Zoom in on hands holding Polly Pocket toy
An American toymaker’s recall of Chinese made toys seems to have had little effect on shoppers in China itself.
Although some customers were aware of the current toy issues in the United States, they were not so concerned about the toy quality in China.
Almost all toys selling in local shops are made in China, despite carrying foreign brands; including items like Barbie dolls, Disney toys and Lego products.
Chinese parents seemed happy for their children to play with toys, as long as they were bought from reliable retailers.
Many believed that shopping malls would only sell toys which met quality standards.
“I think the overall toy quality is reliable, especially in big shopping malls. Usually the product quality is OK. Major cities such as Beijing should have good quality goods,” said one father shopping in a Beijing mall on Wednesday.
Mattel extended its recalls of Chinese-made toys to more than 18.2 (m) million on Tuesday, including popular Barbie and Polly Pocket products.
Mattel said it was recalling three toy models in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, and one model each in Vietnam and Thailand.
The company also warned that more could be ordered off store shelves because of lead paint and tiny magnets that could be swallowed.
The recalls came nearly two weeks after Mattel, America’s largest toy-maker, recalled 1.5 (m) million Chinese-made Fisher-Price infant toys worldwide because of possible lead-paint hazards for children.
The US government has warned parents to make sure children were not playing with any of the recalled toys.
Several injuries had been reported in an earlier Polly Pocket recall last November.
At least one US child has died and 19 others have needed surgery since 2003 after swallowing magnets used in toys, the government said.
Mattel on Tuesday announced the worldwide recall of 436,000 die cast “Sarge” cars related to the character from the movie “Cars” because they contained lead paint.
It also extended a November 2006 recall of toys containing magnets that could be swallowed by children, including Polly Pocket dolls and Batman action figures.
That recall now encompasses 18.2 (m) million magnetic toys worldwide, 9.5 (m) million in the US.
The recalls were the latest blows to the nation’s toy industry, which relies on China for about 80 percent of the toys sold in the United States.
Lead is toxic if ingested by young children.
Under current regulations, children’s products found to have more than .06 percent lead accessible to users are subject to a recall.
Mattel officials said they became aware in late July of potential problems at factories in China and began investigating.

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