‘Tea Set’ by Ayako Rokkaku

Noted Japanese artist Ayako Rokkaku has collaborated with All Rights Reserved on the simply titled ‘Tea Set‘. The Bocarro set (Chinese stoneware) features Rokkaku’s signature manga girl character, an alter-ego of sorts, and her recurring floral and animal motifs. Rokkaku’s in-the-moment process of paintings with her bare hands without a predetermined subject or composition is reflected in the tea set’s simple, yet charming sculptural elements that have a grounded, by-hand aesthetic.

The ‘Tea Set’ features a teapot, four tea cups, and several Tea Pets: The Girl, The Rabbit, and The Three Brothers. The set comes in a laser-engraved wood box with signed/numbered certificate of authenticity.

An edition of 225, the ‘Tea Set’ is available for HK$27,480 (~$3500) via lottery from the DDT Store until Sunday (1.10) at 9 PM PST.

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