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Source: Most Management

A new collection of action figures from The Most Toys is blasting its way into the market this month with sights firmly targeting collector’s shelves.

The 4-inch scale M.O.F.O.S: Men of Felonious Occupations (MOFOS) are a collection of “fully articulated plastic assassins” designed for ages 15 and up. Characters include Bridge AKA The King of Diamonds, Clean, 34, Double Down, and Johnny Heart. The line launch is accompanied by a comic book featuring interior art by JB Roe with a cover by Ian Ameling.

Source: Most Management

MOFOS originally hit the scene as 2.5-inch scale solid-color plastic figurines akin to the style of little green army men. Created in 2015 by Marc Mostman, president of Most Management, the original release featured 10-packed bagged assortments in black and white and grey and red. MOFOS are based on original digital sculpts created by Justice Joseph, a toy sculptor and creature designer whose body of work includes projects for Sideshow, Gentle Giant, and Spin Master alongside the recent HBO Max hit, Titans.

The Most Toys plans to sell MOFOS direct-to-consumer and through select collectibles retailers. The first painted figure, Bridge, is available now via Toy Pizza/Knights of the Slice. Additionally, an “Early Bird Special” 4-pack of unpainted, solid-color Suitman figures is also available.

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