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Klav9 is set to debut his first Tank Club sofubi figure. Inspired by ‘IG-88, R2D2 and Metal Slug’, the chibi-like design has a tall turret and a tiny tread assembly. Developed using a mix of Japanese sci-fi and WWII model parts, Tank Club features mechanical details throughout including a top hatch, panels, rivets, and an exhaust system. More than meets the eye, the lil’ tank also features a modular weapon system with three interchangeable guns: a canon, a vulcan-style machine gun and an apparent rocket launcher.

Klav9 will debut Tank Club with 12 hand-painted designs in four different painted variations (Gray, Green, Blue and White), each with distinct symbols. Each figure features Klav9’s skillful distressing, comes with one gun and is numbered 1-12.

In addition to the hand-painted Tank Clubs, the figure will aso be available in a very limited number of unpainted blanks in four colors (Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow). Each blank includes all three gun types.

The hand-painted Tank Club 4″ vinyl art toys ($150) and the blanks ($50) will be available on Tuesday (1.2) at 10 AM PST from Moyo Gallery. In addition, as part of the upcoming release of the Smeye World Exclusive Sakura Master Nine Eyes figure by Klav9 x Daytoner x Pure Arts, he will also release six hand-painted Sakura Tank Club figures (#13-18) via Smeye World on January 7th at a yet to be announced time.

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