Gray Marbled MVH Chibi Ollie & Death DX by Unbox Industries

The chibi versions of Mutant Vinyl Hardcore’s Death DX and Ollie figures emerge from the darkness on Saturday in two new marbled editions from Unbox Industries. The new Chibi Ollie and Death DX soft vinyl editions feature gray/white marbled designs. These mono-ish versions feature colored eyes—Red for Death Dx and Blue for Chibi Ollie—and metallic gold horns. Adapted from MVH’s standout original designs, the chibi versions feature Too Natthapong’s reworking of the fearsome beasts into compact, cuter characters.

The MVH Chibi Olie and Death DX in gray marble vinyl art toys (4.5″) will be available on Saturday (1.2) at 7 AM PST from Unbox Industries for $65 each.

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