Tofu x Molly Version 2 by Devilrobots x Kennyswork

Mad Holic is set to deliver a holiday treat for To-fu and Molly fans with the lottery release of the Tofu x Molly Version 2 crossover figure from Devilrobots x Kennyswork. The new metallic silver + clear edition follows the v1 edition which featured a double-pour clear+white design. Flipping things around, v2 features an unpainted Molly and a painted melting To-Fu, the opposite of v1.

The Tofu x Molly Version 2 vinyl art toy is available via lottery from Mad Holic for HK$1,380 ($178) until Saturday (1.2) at 7:59 AM PDT. To enter fill out the online form. While the lottery is open to international customers, the form is in Chinese. To make things quicker, the form order is: Name, Phone Number, Email, Shipping Address, and the last field asks whether you’ve purchased from Mad Holic before, first choice is Yes and second is No.

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