Mythrilhorn of the Ocean Asura by Freakroom x Ding Dong Kwan

Freakroom closes out the year with the extremely-limited Mythrilhorn of the Ocean Asura edition soft vinyl art toy, created in collaboration with Ding Dong Kwan. Bathed in a deep purple, the special Asura edition is the most elaborate, menacing version of Freakroom’s terrifying fish kaiju to date.

Based on the recent Oni versions which reimagined the aquatic beast as a club-wielding savage of sorts (complete with leopard print loin cloth), Asura dials up everything to 11 with an emphasis on sharp. Oni’s spiked club is now one half club and one half sharp, serrated blade. On to the teeth, Mythrilhorn of the Ocean has always had two rows of jagged teeth. Asura takes it to the extreme with two giant, sharp teeth on both sides of its gaping mouth. Finally, Oni’s stubby horns give way to a pair of curved, sharp horns.

An edition of 5, the Mythrilhorn of the Ocean Asura art toy (7″) will be available for $345 (shipping included) via lottery through Saturday (1.2.21) at 6 AM PST. To enter check out the official announcement for the straightforward steps.

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