Mattel Launches Hot Wheels Design Shop, Offering Monthly Apparel Collections • The Toy Book

Source: Hot Wheels/Toy Book

A new, online store from Mattel‘s Hot Wheels brand aims to drive sales in a new way.

The Hot Wheels Design Shop, which launched this week, is a collection “recognizing the intersection of car culture and streetwear” and featuring monthly drops of limited-edition apparel and accessories. This collection is primarily geared toward teen and adult Hot Wheels fans, with only adult sizes available.

Each piece of apparel is designed in the streetwear style, which tends to value both fashion and comfort. Originally, the collection featured higher prices, but Hot Wheels lowered them to be $20-60 following fan feedback.

All of the Design Shop items are limited-edition and will not be restocked after they sell out. However, Mattel plans to add new items to the store each month.

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