Mictlan by Frank Mysterio x Som Tawyer Toys

Mexican artist Frank Mysterio has just released his Mictlan soft vinyl art toy. Inspired by the Aztec lord of the underworld, Mictlan welcomes souls as they pass from life to death. A master of endless shapes, the figure features an elaborate, angular head sculpt, pendant, spiked shoulder + wrist armor and loin cloth.

The highlight of the original sculpt, Mictlan’s head has a regal, temple-like quality. Power and mystery lie within its endless edges. An indicator of his calling, a skull peeks out of the top of Mictlan’s forehead, eyes angled towards the sky.

Created and designed by Frank Mysterio, Mictlan was 3D sculpted by Colombian artist Jack Anderson Muñoz and co-produced by Som Tawyer Toys, an emerging Mexican toy brand.

The Mictlan soft vinyl art toy (8.5″) is available in both clear and GID editions from Frank Mysterio Jr.’s website for $100 each. A limited number of the Black edition will be available shortly.

U (12/28, 6:10 PM) : Revised description.

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