Daisy and Molly`s Logs: The Toy Hunt!

Log 7: Daisy Shopkins and Sister Molly have fun going on a toy hunt to the local shops!

More Details on Daisy Shopkins and Sister Molly:
Daisy Shopkins and Sister Molly, the twins from sunny Devon, England, play with and provide reviews of the latest kids toys and much, much, much more. The twins also provide kids reviews of movies, books, play games and most of all just have fun being fantastic kids with special family guest star appearances! So we all hope you enjoy and survive Daisy and Molly`s Logs .

They look forward to receiving your mail and suggestions, so please email them for now at: daisyshopkins@gmail.com

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All script material produced by Daisy and Molly (with some games/reviews modified from other sources). Music and backgrounds/screens are Copyright Free.


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