Creepy Brutus – Mono Version by Cote Escriva x Thunder Mates

Cote Escriva continues his ‘Creepy’ take on the classic Popeye cartoon with the upcoming release of the Creepy Brutus – Mono Version polyresin art toy from Thunder Mates. The new release features a gray, black, and white version befitting the vintage heritage of Popeye’s nemesis.

The Creepy Brutus figure follows Escriva’s well-established aesthetic, with cutaway sections revealing the bruising sailor’s bone structure (chest, left shoulder, left arm and left legs). The approach offers the anatomical approach of ‘dissected’ toys will preserving more of the character’s classic profile.

Officially licensed through Medialink, the limited-edition Creepy Brutus – Mono Version polyresin art toy (11.42″) will be available for pre-order on Wednesday (12.30) at 7 AM PST from Thunder Mates for $330. The figure is slated to ship at the end of January 2021.

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