Cabbage Patch Kid 👶🍼 Mini Baby Figures

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Vintage 1980’s Cabbage Patch Kids mini baby dolls and figures, what a lucky flea market find! Cora was so excited to find baby dolls for her baby dolls to play with. Cabbage Patch Kids have changed some over the years, but they still have the same cute little faces so these 80’s babies fit right in with our newer kids. They are just the right size for Fisher-Price Loving Family doll house furniture which is so much easier to find that vintage CPK accessories. We have three types of little figures. There are 4 dolls that have arms and legs that can be moved so they can sit or wave, two of these have cute yarn hair braided pig tails. These little dolls can be tricky to clean, dirt seems to really stick in the grooves, but if you soak them in soapy water then take a tooth brush to the joints they come out just fine. Next there are the little figurines, these were so popular in the 80’s and we would trade them like blind bag ponies. The final figure is from the 90’s from McDonald’s, she has yarn yarn hair and is holding a green present. She is from a Christmas themed set (shhh… don’t tell Cora, she’s getting 2 more for Christmas this year). These are fun and cute, they have stood the test of time, if find some second hand I would recommend these for any CPK or doll fan.

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